Joaquina & I founded Chasing The Wind Acupuncture on a very basic set of principles.  We wanted to create a wellness clinic that addressed the root causes of modern society’s illnesses.  Humanity is living out of balance with the natural world and with our own physicality.  We are living in an electronic age that continually isolates us from ourselves, each other, and the planet.  What is needed is a return to holistic thinking about our relationships with each other and the Earth.  Chasing The Wind Acupuncture aims to achieve this goal.  Treatment at our clinic does not consist of merely the insertion of needles.  The patient is addressed in their entirety and we spend a lot of time with each patient working on these concerns.  Health is a combination of diet, exercise, relationships, emotional health, spiritual health, and environment in addition to coming to our office for treatment.  This blog is intended to reinforce this approach by sharing health related information with our patients and others so that they may incorporate practical habits into their lives for the pursuit of wellness and longevity.


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