I am reticent to discuss my personal affairs in a public forum but I feel the lesson I have learned is beneficial to share.  A few days before Thanksgiving I learned that my Grandmother has cancer.  She has lived an amazing, long, and full life but the news is quite devastating all the same.  I wasn’t planning on going home for the holiday however as soon as I learned the news I was booking a plane ticket.  My parents told me that I didn’t need to spend money on a plane ticket as I was driving home for Christmas in only a month.  I told my mother, “I’m coming, this could be my last Thanksgiving with Grandma.  I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t come.”  It was at that moment I realized, my Grandmother is 89, any holiday could be our last together even if she was healthy.  I’d been taking her for granted.
We are all guilty of this lack of regard for our loved ones at one time or another.  This is a mistake for we don’t know when any of us will leave this life, ourselves included.  It may not be  immediately apparent how this applies to the concept of wellness but it does.  Our family relationships are very important to our health and well being.  These are the first relationships in our lives and these are the people that help us to become who we are.  For better or worse family exists in our hearts for the course of our time here on the planet.  I implore you to not make the same mistake that I did.  Keep your loved ones close and in your life.  Nurture those relationships, heal them when needed, and support each other with the fullness of your heart.  This will reflect into your own life and will bring health and longevity to you as well.  The Chinese view family as important and integral and so should we.  Many studies of people living past 100 years of age acknowledge strong family relationships as one of the factors contributing to such longevity.

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In Wellness,

Bradley Mascuch


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