Wu Wei

I am starting my first post on this blog around the idea of “Wu Wei”, the Chinese concept of non-doing.  In American culture this idea is very foreign and misunderstood.  The idea of non-doing is equated with being lazy or unmotivated.  Our culture is centered around “getting ahead” and we are constantly trying to figure out how to squeeze more time out of the day in the name of progress.  Modern China is moving in the same direction, however the ancestors of Chinese culture had different ideas about development and progress.  Wu Wei was based on the idea of effortless action.  When one is moving with their destiny actions flow easily.  The individual moves in a natural and uncontrived way.  In my Tai Chi practice we view Wu Wei as “killing” the mind.  Movements are initiated and performed without thought.  It is moving from the spirit in a non-thinking but completely aware state.  An analogy would be of a sports player attempting to score a goal.  The player is not thinking about the action he/she is completely immersed in the present moment acting naturally.  We cannot live in this way at all times in modern society due to the responsibilities and constraints that are placed upon us.  However, we should strive to increase the presence of these moments in our life as they allow us to touch the great unknown mystery of creation. This is my message to all of you, make moments  in your life that allow you to converse with the infinite then you can get back to the chaos of modern life while being peaceful and centered.  It will change your life and will create a positive ripple of energy in those around you.  In parting here is a passage by the famous Chinese sage known as Lao Tzu:

The Sage is occupied with the unspoken
and acts without effort.
Teaching without verbosity,
producing without possessing,
creating without regard to result,
claiming nothing,
the Sage has nothing to lose.
as always, be well.



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